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Amazing Benefits of L-Arginine In Boosting Libido of Men & Women
Amazing Benefits of L-Arginine In Boosting Libido of Men & Women

L-Arginine Libido Effects in Men and Women

L-arginine libido effects are seen in both men and women. No longer is there a need for brown paper prescriptions and embarrassing side effects either.

There is one problem usually kept private and personal; sexual challenges. Research has shown that over 43% of women and 31% of men respectively have sexual challenges, according to JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association). Sexual challenges, or what some people refer to as sexual dysfunction, explain the problems of not being able to enjoy sexual intercourse to the maximum. The term used in describing this malfunction varies according to gender. For instance, in men, it is called impotence or erectile dysfunction; while in women, it is referred to as poor sexual drive, lack of libido, or inability to reach orgasm. This is the reason experts have developed L-arginine, an indispensable amino acid that functions in the building of all the blocks of protein in the human body. It is not only effective but with proper use, it is also a safe pro-sexual supplement for both genders.

How L-Arginine Works For Men

One of the causes of impotence in men is poor blood circulation. This amino acid works to increase the flow of blood to genital areas through the dilation of blood vessels and also aids the enlargement of sex organs to their maximum. It increases the hardness, rate, and size of the erection of sex organs in men. There is a particular molecule called “NO” that is generated when the “NO synthase” enzyme (found around the penis) interacts with L-arginine amino acid and works to combine it with oxygen. So, for nitric oxide to be produced in the body; there must be a combination with oxygen in the blood. The entire reaction is controlled by the nitric oxide

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How L-Arginine Works For Women

The higher the flow of blood around the vaginal as well as the clitoral tissues, the greater the response, sensitivity, and sexual stimulation, which all combine to increase the degree to which a woman reaches orgasm. While there is still little research on the effectiveness of L-arginine on women compared to men, a particular study has confirmed that women who take this supplement experience higher sexual response and satisfaction. Similarly, a study that entailed over 70 women irrespective of their ages, revealed after a month that over 70% of them who used L-arginine supplementation experienced an increase in their sexual drive in terms of less vaginal dryness vaginal, increase in the frequency of intercourse, higher incidence of orgasm, higher clitoral sensitivity and desire.

L-Arginine Libido Benefits

Users have reported the effectiveness of L-arginine libido effect; in increasing their sex drive. Others have attested to how their orgasms became stronger and more powerful. There is good news for infertile and men having low sperm counts, as L-arginine use has proven to combat all such challenges. A high number of women use l-arginine to help with better cervical mucus conditions. A study has also shown that l-arginine may be of help to PCOD/PCOS sufferers since those who were studied had more menstrual cycles with l-arginine supplementation.


A lot of factors are responsible for sexual dysfunction in men. Some of these are endocrine malfunction, diabetes, and aging. This product, l-arginine is known to be effective only on men having sexual challenges resulting from a lack of nitric oxide because the supplement works to boost the level of nitric oxide in the body.

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