Menopause: Advantages of L-Arginine For Hot Flashes

Menopause: Advantages of L-Arginine For Hot Flashes

L-arginine For Menopause Hot Flashes

Benefits of L-arginine for Menopause hot flashes abound. Endothelial dysfunction; you may not know the term but this condition has been linked to hot flashes. One benefit of l-arginine is for endothelial dysfunction. Endothelial dysfunction is a blood vessel disorder that compromises the ability for vessels to circulate blood as they should.

Arginine Cream for Erectile Dysfunction

In endothelial dysfunction, the vessels do not produce sufficient nitric oxide, a chemical that helps vessels relax. The condition is something more common to women in menopause than you may know. Most women don’t even know it exists.

When applied transdermally, (through the skin by means of a cream or gel) l-arginine converts to nitric oxide which then helps with the symptoms of endothelial dysfunction, including hot flashes.

Applying sufficient l-arginine may very well put a stop to the endothelial dysfunction. It ensures significantly better vessel elasticity and this, in turn, lessens the occurrence and intensity of hot flushes. L-arginine benefits for menopause also include its ability to help support plentiful cervical mucus by encouraging the production of nitric oxide (NO) (as stated earlier) within the body. Nitric oxide dilates the blood vessels while boosting blood flow to the uterus, ovaries, and the genital area. Circulation of blood to the reproductive organs is at the center of the production of effectual and increasing amounts of cervical mucus.

Arginine Circulation Cream Blood Circulation

Arginine Cream New Formula, with its main ingredient L-Arginine, helps the body to make a more than sufficient amount of cervical mucus.

Another benefit to l-arginine helps cervical mucus production is that this contributes to increased blood flow is present when needed during sex. Arginine has been reported by both men and women to boost their libido or desire for sex which decreases when women hit menopause. Some women report using a dab of Arginine Cream New Formula with a lubricant (such as Slippery Gel) for a more intense sensation.

Researchers today believe that l-arginine benefits women who are going through menopause and experiencing such symptoms.

Effectiveness of L-Arginine on Erectile Dysfunction

Effectiveness of L-Arginine on Erectile Dysfunction

Arginine and Erectile Dysfunction are very often connected. You may know it simply as, ED. ED is a situation where a man having a sexual challenge is unable to either get or sustain sexual erection.

Erection, unknown to most, involves a lot of psychological steps. This begins with arousal or sexual stimulation, which involves the brain sending various nerve impulses, which in turn, relax related muscles as well as arteries supplying blood to the genital areas. It is this process of relaxation that triggers the flow of blood to the genitals (penis) leading to erection. If the entire process or any of it is interrupted, an affected person won’t be able to get the desired erection. (Think about the effect a cold shower plays by constricting the blood flow to the area.)


In no uncertain terms, L arginine and erectile dysfunction can be clearly “tag teamed”. L-arginine acts upon the body in a series of reactions as a way to improve sexual intercourse and libido in general, for both men and women. This L-arginine is an important amino acid that works hand in hand with Nitric oxide; a molecule, which carries out many functions in any human body. The most relevant function is making the proper muscles to relax during sexual erection.

A lot of factors cause ED in men. They may be:

  • Aging
  • Smoking
  • Hypertension/high blood pressure
  • Hormone problems
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Drug abuse
  • Nervous system disorder
  • Depression/psychological trauma
  • Pelvic surgery and possible others.

While the human body is known to produce L arginine to tackle of these malfunctions, there might be need for supplementation especially for those having protein malnutrition, high ammonia and too much lysine intake. L arginine comes in various forms like capsules, powders, tablets, liquids and strips, all in an effort to help ED, and all due to its interaction with nitric oxide synthesis.

So What is this NO – Nitric Oxide?

It is the nitric oxide molecule that works to bring about the various physiological stages that leads to erection, and it is stimulated to action when it comes in contact with L arginine. In other words, NO, L arginine and erectile dysfunction are linked. Without the nitric oxide molecule, there won’t be an erection. In the human body, the levels of L arginine can be increased by a healthy diet; rich in amino acids. Some foods that may help naturally with Erectile dysfunction include: sea foods, cheeses, green (leafy) vegetables and lean meats.

Sometimes, ED can lead to male infertility; inability to father children. This problem may be due to sperm motility, low sperm count and other hormonal factors. The use of L arginine alone has been effective on some patients having this sexual disequilibrium. However, supplementing with Arginine Circulation Cream to improve erectile dysfunction or other related supplements, many have achieved amazing results in many male factors. Some of these other helpful ingredients include Tribulus Terrestris Powder, Tongkat Ali and Zinc among others found in Fertile Male and VirilTabs. L arginine as found in Arginine Cream is a stand along product with outstanding results.

What is the safety level for the use of L arginine while treating ED? People use drugs for either short or long term depending on the intensity of the ailment. However, studies have shown that using L arginine for the short term appears safe, but there is not much study to determine its safety level for long term usage. In all, follow the prescribed dosage and check with your doctor for any specific questions you may have about L-arginine and fertility, L-arginine and libido and L-arginine and ED.

Arginine Circulation Cream Blood Circulation

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You may need to consult with your doctor before embarking on the combination though.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

Check with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

L-Arginine: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

L-Arginine: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

L-arginine Contraindications

Have you been hearing and reading about l-arginine in health news lately? The name may sound fictional and abstract but it is necessary for every part of your body. You might have added l-arginine without knowing in the foods you ate today. Your milk, nuts (ground nuts, peanuts, walnuts, etc), cheese, eggs, soy protein and meats are all good sources of this supplement. If you have eaten of these mentioned food items today, you have eaten arginine. Both terms are used interchangeably but l-arginine is used to refer to the active physiological form of it. It is mostly obtained when protein products in the body are broken down.

L-arginine is called non-essential and semi-essential amino acids; depending on the degree at which it is synthesized in the body. For instance, if it is synthesized in the body of adults, it is referred to as non-essential, but if it is done in children or those with some health conditions, it is referred to as semi-essential (because it has become compromised or insufficient).

L-arginine is been known to perform various important tasks in the human body. As a non-essential acid; as earlier mentioned, it can be used for treating heart diseases resulting from blood clots, clumped platelets and blocked arteries. It is an effective means through which blood circulation increases in the coronary artery. As a commonly health supplement sold around us, it can be used for the improvement of vascular health and in treating ED (erectile dysfunction) popular with men. Apart from its usefulness in bodybuilding, it has been known for its growth stimulant in humans.


What of l-arginine’s benefits to the human hair; preventing hair loss tendencies and a source of hair regrowth? With it, the problem of hair breakage and other challenges related to hair coloring can be arrested. L-arginine has also been known to rejuvenate poor looking skin and maintain a healthy, glowing one. A lot of people have associated perfect and complete good health to it. This is why millions take it for one health challenge or the other. Be careful. Too much of anything is not good, so use caution to avoid overuse or abuse.

Is there any recommended quantity or dose to be taken? Irrespective of the health condition, l-arginine 25 – 50mg per day is generally recommended. However, it won’t hurt to consult your doctor to discuss how much may be helpful for you.

While there have not been any obvious contraindications, patients suffering from serious heart attack should not take it. Also, l-arginine administration to pregnant or nursing mothers has not yielded any negative result. However, there is no adequate information with respect to how this category of people should use it.  Doctors also recommend not using a high dose amount of l-arginine while taking blood pressure medications.

No side effects have been reported in the use of Arginine Gel – the transdermal form of l-arginine. This is mainly due to the fact that by using a transdermal gel, it does not affect the liver or other organs in digestion since it goes into the bloodstream and is bio-available, not digested.

High amounts of NO (nitric oxide), which l-arginine produces can lead to damage of brain tissues if the chemical is in excess. Used as directed l-arginine is considered a small dose and not all pertinent to a high dose study. Pay attention if you find yourself with frequent diarrhea/nausea, bitter taste associated with overdose, low blood pressure and low potassium (ONLY for kidney/liver impaired patients). l-arginine can also affect the lowering agents of cholesterol and insulin so use in harmony if you are taking either of these drugs.

As with anything new, consult your physician (hopefully one with natural health training) for what is best with your personal health profile.

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Importance of L-Arginine For Hair Regrowth

Importance of L-Arginine For Hair Regrowth

L-arginine and Hair Regrowth

Have you heard of protein building blocks; being the important connection between l-arginine and hair regrowth? L-arginine, which is an indispensable amino acid in the body, is one of them. The good thing about this amino acid is that the body generates it naturally. That is why it is grouped as a non-essential amino acid. Good nutrition can also increase its supply in our body to make it function as expected. So, by consuming all kinds of dairy products, meats and nuts, you are also taking in l-arginine.

A lot has been noted about l-arginine and its numerous benefits to the human body:

  • L-arginine works from inside to the outside of our body.
  • L-arginine combats several illnesses, fights hair loss, maintains youthful skin and also helps hair to grow.
  • L-arginine and hair regrowth products are out there but l-arginine as a stand alone supplement has been attested to, in terms of its uniqueness and efficacy without paying high prices for ramped up shampoo.

Amazing, right? Yes and Arginine Gel is indeed amazing too. Let’s see how it works.

How does l-arginine make hair grow and regrow?

As a precursor of a major chemical known as NO (nitric oxide) compound, l-arginine has been an effective catalyst to hair regrowth. This nitric oxide is actually a gas or compound that has a short lifespan, and also functions to make the blood vessels (in the hair follicle region) to loosen up and relax. This enhances the supply of blood to the hair areas.

The hair follicle area is very active and requires adequate nutrients for hair regrowth. There are different kinds of hair on the body with different growth degrees – l-arginine is a major player in all of them.


So, as l-arginine and this nitric oxide interact together to increase the circulation of blood in the body and in all important areas, this aspect enjoys that support too; leading to desirable hair regrowth. Moreover, this compound (NO) also works to make hair grow as it opens up another essential compound; potassium or simply, the ‘K’ medium in the hair region. For brittle and weak hair, l-arginine has been effectively tested in strengthening.

There are some hair products that are rich in l-arginine. Some comes in the form of shampoo, hair conditioner and hair creams. Since this amino acid can be produced in the body naturally, individuals suffering from hair loss or those undergoing treatment for hair regrowth should endeavor to eat a diet rich in l-arginine. This way, you enjoy this benefit naturally and add other nutrients to your body. It is because most people don’t want to have to remember to eat certain foods that Arginine Gel (l-arginine being the active ingredient) has been made in the form of a gel.

There is no more excuse for continued hair growth stagnation. The choice is yours; opt for a diet rich in l-arginine foods or consider Arginine Gel transdermal and make it easy on yourself. Your libido will thank you too. You may soon attest to the effectiveness of l-arginine and understand why others are raving.

There is no more excuse for continued hair growth stagnation. The choice is yours; opt for a diet rich in l-arginine foods or consider Arginine Gel transdermal and make it easy on yourself. Your libido will thank you too. You may soon attest to the effectiveness of l-arginine and understand why others are raving.

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Arginine Cream: Leading L-Arginine Supplement For Men & Women

Arginine Cream: Leading L-Arginine Supplement For Men & Women

L-arginine for Men

L-Arginine is the base ingredient in our product, Arginine Cream, (L-Arginine Cream) which has been studied for its support for increased blood flow in the genital area. What this means to you, gentlemen, is that the key ingredient in topical Arginine Cream is made to enhance the size and hardness of erections. What it also suggests is that l-arginine may also decrease the effects of erectile dysfunction and heighten sensitivity; which you know are strong deterrents of a good sex life.


How does this happen? L-arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide, a simple gas essential for erections since oxygen must be carried to the necessary area in order for an erection to happen or be sustained. This is essential to how Nitric Oxide works an therefore how an l-arginine cream supports intimacy.

L-arginine for Women

L-arginine has been show to increase the possibility of reaching and heightening orgasm. As with men, blood flow to the clitoris and vaginal tissues is necessary for the sensitivity leading to arousal. L-arginine, found in Arginine Gel, may increase a women’s interest and sensation. L-arginine gel form is more easily absorbed into the body without needing to be digested and easier for those who have trouble swallowing pills.

The reports are in. Studies show that men and women alike are getting great results by supplementing with l-arginine their desire and enjoyment for sex. Libidos beware, Arginine Cream topical l-arginine is here.

One of the Best L-Arginine Supplements Online

One of the Best L-Arginine Supplements Online

L-arginine Supplementation has been Studied and Proven for Its Many Effects on the Human Body in General

L-arginine supplementation has become known more recently for its help in the sexual intimacy department but that is actually a happy side effect of its many health benefits. By increasing overall health, it follows that the endocrine system will also be affected in a positive way.


Our Best l-arginine supplements, Arginine Cream New Formula (topical arousal cream for men and women) is supported by years of research indicating the positive effects of l-arginine supplementation on the body: improvement to circulation (blood flow throughout the body), supporting an enhanced immune system (increased white blood cell production), aiding in the release of growth hormones among many other benefits. Decreased memory loss and increased heart function are just two such circulatory benefits when oxygen is being better carried through the body. Blood flow to any area of the body is healthy. Blood flow to the genitals make for better stimulation effects; enhanced arousal due to enhanced sensitivity in sexual activity.

The end result for many who have discovered the power of l-arginine, the base ingredient in Arginine Cream New Formula, is a better sex life for both partners.

Arginine Cream New Formula is not an instant fix or a magic bullet. Regular use of l-arginine supports sexual function in those who suffer from a lack of NO – nitric oxide. Check with your doctor if you might be lacking in NO and how it affects you personally.