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The Impact of L-Arginine on Alleviating Erectile Dysfunction
The Impact of L-Arginine on Alleviating Erectile Dysfunction

Arginine and Erectile Dysfunction are very often connected. You may know it simply as, ED. ED is a situation where a man having a sexual challenge is unable to either get or sustain sexual erection.

Erection, unknown to most, involves a lot of psychological steps. This begins with arousal or sexual stimulation, which involves the brain sending various nerve impulses, which in turn, relax related muscles as well as arteries supplying blood to the genital areas. It is this process of relaxation that triggers the flow of blood to the genitals (penis) leading to an erection. If the entire process or any of it is interrupted, an affected person won’t be able to get the desired erection. (Think about the effect a cold shower plays by constricting the blood flow to the area.)

In no uncertain terms, L arginine and erectile dysfunction can be clearly “tag teamed”. L-arginine acts upon the body in a series of reactions as a way to improve sexual intercourse and libido in general, for both men and women. This L-arginine is an important amino acid that works hand in hand with Nitric oxide; a molecule, which carries out many functions in any human body. The most relevant function is making the proper muscles relax during sexual erection.

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A lot of factors cause ED in men. They may be:

  • Aging
  • Smoking
  • Hypertension/high blood pressure
  • Hormone problems
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Drug abuse
  • Nervous system disorder
  • Depression/psychological trauma
  • Pelvic surgery and possibly others.

While the human body is known to produce L arginine to tackle these malfunctions, there might be a need for supplementation, especially for those having protein malnutrition, high ammonia, and too much lysine intake. L arginine comes in various forms like capsules, powders, tablets, liquids, and strips, all in an effort to help ED, and all due to its interaction with nitric oxide synthesis.

So What is this NO – Nitric Oxide?

It is the nitric oxide molecule that works to bring about the various physiological stages that lead to an erection, and it is stimulated to action when it comes in contact with L arginine. In other words, NO, L arginine, and erectile dysfunction are linked. Without the nitric oxide molecule, there won’t be an erection. In the human body, the levels of L arginine can be increased by a healthy diet; rich in amino acids. Some foods that may help naturally with Erectile dysfunction include seafood, cheeses, green (leafy) vegetables, and lean meats.

Sometimes, ED can lead to male infertility and inability to father children. This problem may be due to sperm motility, low sperm count, and other hormonal factors. The use of L arginine alone has been effective on some patients having this sexual disequilibrium. However, supplementing with Arginine Circulation Cream to improve erectile dysfunction or other related supplements, many have achieved amazing results in many male factors. Some of these other helpful ingredients include Tribulus Terrestris Powder, Tongkat Ali, and Zinc among others found in Fertile Male and VirilTabs. L arginine as found in Arginine Cream is a stand-alone product with outstanding results.

What is the safety level for the use of L arginine in managing ED? People use drugs for either short or long term depending on the intensity of the ailment. However, studies have shown that using L arginine for the short term appears safe, but there are not many studies to determine its safety level for long-term usage. In all, follow the prescribed dosage and check with your doctor for any specific questions you may have about L-arginine and fertility, L-arginine and libido, and L-arginine and ED.

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You may need to consult with your doctor before embarking on the combination though.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

Check with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

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