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L-Arginine Uses, Benefits & Side Effects
L-Arginine: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

L-arginine Contraindications

Have you been hearing and reading about l-arginine in health news lately? The name may sound fictional and abstract but it is necessary for every part of your body. You might have added l-arginine without knowing in the foods you ate today. Your milk, nuts (ground nuts, peanuts, walnuts, etc), cheese, eggs, soy protein and meats are all good sources of this supplement. If you have eaten of these mentioned food items today, you have eaten arginine. Both terms are used interchangeably but l-arginine is used to refer to the active physiological form of it. It is mostly obtained when protein products in the body are broken down.

L-arginine is called non-essential and semi-essential amino acids; depending on the degree at which it is synthesized in the body. For instance, if it is synthesized in the body of adults, it is referred to as non-essential, but if it is done in children or those with some health conditions, it is referred to as semi-essential (because it has become compromised or insufficient).

L-arginine is been known to perform various important tasks in the human body. As a non-essential acid; as earlier mentioned, it can be used for treating heart diseases resulting from blood clots, clumped platelets and blocked arteries. It is an effective means through which blood circulation increases in the coronary artery. As a commonly health supplement sold around us, it can be used for the improvement of vascular health and in treating ED (erectile dysfunction) popular with men. Apart from its usefulness in bodybuilding, it has been known for its growth stimulant in humans.

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What of l-arginine’s benefits to the human hair; preventing hair loss tendencies and a source of hair regrowth? With it, the problem of hair breakage and other challenges related to hair coloring can be arrested. L-arginine has also been known to rejuvenate poor looking skin and maintain a healthy, glowing one. A lot of people have associated perfect and complete good health to it. This is why millions take it for one health challenge or the other. Be careful. Too much of anything is not good, so use caution to avoid overuse or abuse.

Is there any recommended quantity or dose to be taken? Irrespective of the health condition, l-arginine 25 – 50mg per day is generally recommended. However, it won’t hurt to consult your doctor to discuss how much may be helpful for you.

While there have not been any obvious contraindications, patients suffering from serious heart attack should not take it. Also, l-arginine administration to pregnant or nursing mothers has not yielded any negative result. However, there is no adequate information with respect to how this category of people should use it.  Doctors also recommend not using a high dose amount of l-arginine while taking blood pressure medications.

No side effects have been reported in the use of Arginine Gel – the transdermal form of l-arginine. This is mainly due to the fact that by using a transdermal gel, it does not affect the liver or other organs in digestion since it goes into the bloodstream and is bio-available, not digested.

High amounts of NO (nitric oxide), which l-arginine produces can lead to damage of brain tissues if the chemical is in excess. Used as directed l-arginine is considered a small dose and not all pertinent to a high dose study. Pay attention if you find yourself with frequent diarrhea/nausea, bitter taste associated with overdose, low blood pressure and low potassium (ONLY for kidney/liver impaired patients). l-arginine can also affect the lowering agents of cholesterol and insulin so use in harmony if you are taking either of these drugs.

As with anything new, consult your physician (hopefully one with natural health training) for what is best with your personal health profile.

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